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LMNO builds more than just strong relationships.
Our local business networking group also makes solid friendships.


Referrals Work

Our unique professional networking group model is based on building, sustaining, and supporting strong relationships between businesspeople. LMNO members form a close-knit family of non-competing businesses.

We aren’t the only ones that understand the importance of referral business:

“Referred-in customers have a 37% higher retention rate than other customers.” Source: Deloitte

“The Lifetime Value of a referred customer is 25% higher than that of other customers.” Source: Chief Marketer
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What You Can Expect When You Join LMNO?

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No charge to join us.
Correct, unlike other networking groups, we do not charge for a membership.

One per industry rule.
Be the leader of your industry at LMNO! Only one professional per industry. You will not have duplication or competition to worry about.

Attendance policy.
We ask you to come every week 
— or at least once a month to hold your industry position. Life happens....So, you'll need to reach out to us if you can't make our meetings on a steady basis. This way we can offer the spot to another person. We respect each other and play fair.

Where?  When?  Why?  Cost?
Ihop in Oceanside.
We love pancakes, English muffins, LEADS and more.
Separate checks.

Out of the Box Thinking.
We often find ourselves helping each other come up with solutions for each other's problems. Think of it at as a wall you can bounce ideas off of. We look out for each other.

Give Leads. Get Leads.
This is exactly how our Let's Meet and Network in Oceanside - LMNO group works. 

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Industries Represented at LMNO Include:

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